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June 2, 2015 6 comments

A Gun and the Summer of ’74

A young guy about age 20 walked into the lobby and asked for a job application. I explained we weren’t hiring, so he said he wanted a pack of Marlboros. I walked over behind the counter, handed him the cigarettes and told him that would be 50 cents. (Yes, you read that right.) He produced a $1 bill and when I opened the drawer to get change he told me he wanted all the money. I looked up and saw a small gun cradled near his left elbow as his arm rested on the counter. ...Keep Reading

Posted in: Cultural Values Tags: humility, cultural values, cultural engagement, empathy, emotion

February 24, 2015 2 comments

Gospel Substitutes Part 3: Mysticism

Sheree Phillips writes the third part of our "Gospel Substitutes" series, tackling the subject of Mysticism. At what point does the God-given desire for a close and emotional relationship with Him become a sinful Gospel substitute? ...Keep Reading

Posted in: Gospel Substitutes Tags: Redeemer Church, Lake Nona Church, lake Nona, Sanctification, revival, Redeemer Church at Lake Nona, Jesus Movement, Gospel substitutes, mysticism, emotion, spiritual gifts, Rolling Stones

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