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December 16, 2014 0 comments

Torture and Situational Ethics

This past week, Senate Democrats released a 6,000 page report about CIA tactics in the post-9/11 but pre-Obama world. It is colloquially known as the “torture report,” although it centers around what the CIA called “enhanced interrogation techniques,” which were approved by the Bush administration, funded by Congress, and considered legal by various federal judges. Many of those techniques, though, are also considered torture. The report brings up three questions. The first, which I will mostly ignore, is whether the report should have been released at all, and, if so, should it have been released while the United States is still at war with an enemy that is both at issue in the report and can be expected to use the report as fodder for retaliation and recruitment. Certainly it appears as if the report is an attempt by several senators to re-write history. If they are known as the senators that brought wide-ranging, unethical practices to light, then perhaps it will be forgotten that they were fully briefed on the techniques and provided funding to implement the techniques without notable objection. The second question is whether the “enhanced interrogation techniques” were in fact torture. For the sake of this post, I will assume that many of them are (partly because of course they are)....Keep Reading

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November 4, 2014 by Jesse Phillips 0 comments

Election Day Part III: What does Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 Mean for Americans?

How we contextualize Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 within the United States' governmental structure? What does it mean to honor the governing authorities if the government under which we live is a government "of the people, by the people, for the people"? Jesse Phillips argues the answer is to locate the supreme authority within a governmental structure, and to apply the commands of Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 to that authority....Keep Reading

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