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July 22, 2014 3 comments

What Our Identity in Christ Says About Our Suffering

The suffering in our lives keeps us from doing and experiencing many good things, and it often teaches us bad things. Suffering has the tendency to pervert our perception of the world around us. Children who grow up abused often have uniquely distorted views of God, self, and others. Those who suffer traumatic experiences in any stage of life often have difficulty engaging with life after the trauma. Chronic pain or illness can keep us from so much of what we could be doing if only we were well, and we wonder if we're doing well enough under the circumstances or failing to redeem what little time we have. In the end, we often ask, "Is there any value in the years ravaged by another's sin? Is there any value in a life only half-lived due to our own folly, inability, or disability? Is there any good in all the bad, and what about all the bad we see in the good? Do we or our lives amount to anything more than the cumulative effect of sin upon sin and pain upon pain, or are we nothing more than failures who have been failed by others, wounded, broken, and destined to perpetuate the process in others?"...Keep Reading

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March 21, 2014 by Benny Phillips 0 comments

Ephesians 5: Roles & Mutual Submission

Our identity, he taught, is not defined by our roles. But our God-given roles guide us in how we are to live out our identity in Christ....Keep Reading

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