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September 9, 2014 0 comments

Kill Them or Convert Them: Duck Dynasty Styled Evangelism

There are reasons to respect Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family at the center of AMC’s blockbuster hit Duck Dynasty. He was a good enough athlete to start over 4-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw while in college even though he didn’t think much about practice. He was, by his own admission, a borderline alcoholic and druggie until he was miraculously saved in his late twenties. He’s a self-made man who went from the backwoods of Louisiana to become a TV star and a multi-millionaire on the basis of a business that sells duck calls. He is articulate and uncompromising in expressing his testimony....Keep Reading

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August 1, 2014 by Janelle Garrett 0 comments

True Peace for Israel

I forget things all the time. Just ask my husband. He has formed a habit of following behind me whenever we leave somewhere, whether it’s a restaurant or a friend’s house, to grab my phone, keys, and wallet that I left behind. My forgetfulness is my dad’s fault (right, Mom?), or so I claim. I tend to forget other things, too. I tend to look at what is going on around me in the world and see all the pain, suffering, death, and mourning and forget that God is in charge of it all. If forget that He is reigning still, in the midst of suffering. Forgetting my phone is one thing. Forgetting the sovereignty of God is another thing entirely....Keep Reading

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July 10, 2014 by Julie Brackin 0 comments

Does the World See Christ Through Us?

Walking purposefully along the winding sidewalk towards the host hotel for my final day at The Gospel Coalition’s national women’s conference, I was stopped by an inquisitive taxi driver who looked at my name tag and asked me what was going on inside. As if to aid me in my answer, I held out my nametag for him to read and replied “It’s an event put on by The Gospel Coalition and it’s for women.”...Keep Reading

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