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August 15, 2014 by Joey and Jake Phillips 4 comments

If Only We Were All In Middle School Again…In the 1930’s. A Response to Thomas Umstattd Jr.’s Straw Men

My cousin Doug Hodges (pretty much a big brother to the Phillips kids), pointed me to an article he had come across recently by a gentleman named Thomas Umstattd Jr. regarding why he felt like courtship, as opposed to traditional dating, was fundamentally flawed. Since the article was very thorough, if haphazard, and encapsulated a lot of the criticism I have heard of courtship over the years, and Doug had made the mistake of asking what I thought, I decided Jake and I should write an article in response. You can find the Umstaddt’s original article at http://www.thomasumstattd.com/...Keep Reading

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